One hour game jam #90

I took part in the weekly one hour game jam over at recently for fun. The theme was ‘Abridged versions of popular games’ so i made an abridged version of one of my favourite games, Geometry Dash!

Heres a timelapse of the game creation over the 1 hour period

JTI Update #03

Well it’s been a while since the last update. A lot of stuff has been added to Journey through Imperium. There still isn’t an artist though so theres not much that can be shown (unless you look at the many many lines of code)

Heres some things that have been added

  • Worldmap structure system
  • A character stat system
  • A buff / debuff system
  • A ton of new weapons
  • Some neat abilities
  • A loot system
  • Last but not least, more than 1 level! (wow!)

Since there isn’t any artwork to show off yet, there aren’t any screenshots. Future updates should have some though so look forward to that!